NEW: juice Goes Greener with 100% Compostable Phone Case Launch

In today’s climate, it’s super important to do everything we can to become more sustainable and that’s no different for juice. So, we’re really excited to launch our 100% compostable case range, completely manufactured from natural materials including wheat, corn and starch! 

There is no planet B. juice are working on some major game changers for the world of tech accessories and this is the first step as we begin to reduce our carbon footprint. Not only are we removing plastic from our eco range but, we are challenging a throw away culture – we don’t believe in creating plastic cases to only break within months and end up in landfill for an unimaginable amount of years. Not ok.

Instead, we’ve created cases that are durable, drop protected and – when finished with – can decompose within 12 months (the same as a tea bag)! Our cases are longer lasting for when you need it to protect your phone and is gentle enough for the planet.

You can now buy them in Urban Outfitters around the UK or straight from our online store. The cases are available in blue, pink, green and black for iPhone 6/7/8/9, 11, 11 PRO and 11 PRO MAX. 

Use code: NOPLANETB for 20% off the range. 


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