Wireless Charging is a category of products you never knew you needed. The Wireless Charging feature has been widely available on mobile devices since 2012, but it is probably the most under-utilised because consumers don't know it exists. The Wireless message hasn't been hugely pushed by the major tech  brands, especially Apple. So why do you need a Wireless Charger?

How many of you are still fighting down the back of the bed every evening, plugging your phone in to charge? It's not exactly the most convenient of tasks, especially if you've tried to keep your cables tidy hidden down the back of a bedside table – so why not go Wireless?

At Juice we created a wide range of Wireless Charging products to suit all needs. The most common time we charge our mobile devices is over-night, making sure our mobile devices are full of juice ready to go for the day ahead. For bedside charging we created the Charging Pad, (Available in 5Watt, 10Watt and 15Watt) perfect to keep on your bedside table for simple over-night charging. Simply place your device on the pad, and away you go. No more hassle with cables!

Are you a keen cook? Or find tutorial videos helpful whilst learning new skills? Then the Juice 10W Wireless Charging Stand is ideal. No need to prop your mobile phone up against random household items anymore, safely place your phone onto the Wireless Stand – effortless charging and a handy spot to continue watching your tutorials, whether its recipes in the kitchen or a game-play tutorial while you're stuck on Zelda, no need to worry about your phone dropping flat on it's screen anymore plus you get a cheeky charge while your at it.

Are you a tech guru with all the gadgets that need charging, or (like most of us) known to misplace your devices from time to time. Then the Triple Juice is exactly what you need to keep all your devices in one place whilst on charge – frantic runs round the house looking for your AirPods are a thing of the past with Triple Device Charging all in one place.
10 Watt Stand for your Phone, 5 Watt Shelf for your Wireless Headphones and  2.5 Watt Puck for your Smart Watch will keep your devices fully juiced up. The Triple Juice is ideal for a bedside table for super simple overnight charging or even on a desk to keep you powered up during the day!

Wireless charging stuck to your phone? Meet the Grip-it! We could write a load of waffle about the Grip-it, but simply its a wireless charger stuck to your phone! The Grip-it cable is compatible with any mobile device that has wireless charging compatibility – simple attach the suckers on to the back of your phone and away you go. If you want to charge wirelessly and still use your phone then the Grip-it is ideal!