Power Mains

For quick and easy charging, try our range of mains adapters. Within the iconic Juice carton is an energy efficient wall plug designed to replenish power supply in no time. If you are looking for quick charge then check out the Super Juice power delivery adapter. There’s a lightning version for Apple users and a Type-C version for Samsung and Huawei. Choose from options with and without integrated cables or for ultimate convenience why not consider the 3 or 4 port adapters – you will wonder how you survived without one!

Power Portable

Here at Juice, we’ve created a huge range of the bestselling power banks on the market. There’s the ultra portable Juice 1; a portable charger weighing under 100 grams, then there’s the mighty Juice 5, which when full, can charge a modern smartphone a colossal 5 times. Experience the convenience of cable free charging with the Wireless Weekender or enjoy some vibrance with the wide range of Juice Squash and Juice Pebble colourways that are available right here today.

Power Wireless

Join the charging revolution and experience ultimate convenience with the Juice range of wireless chargers – no more cables, no more thumbling around to find a port; simply place a device down and you’re away! Compatible with Qi enabled devices and operational through cases up to 3mm thick. Choose from 5W and 10W outputs, duo options for charging 2 devices at once and stand options that are ideal for using a device easily during charge.

Power In Car

If power on the road is required then a Juice in car charger is a perfect solution. Simply plug a Juice fast car charger into your car power outlet (cigarette lighter) and connect devices using a USB cable. 2 port options offer space for all of the family to top up. Juice in car chargers are tough, compact and essential for keeping your devices going during long car journeys and making sure that you arrive at your destination with plenty of power.