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Gusto: who we are and what we do

Gusto was born in 2012 with the aim of supplying high quality and beautifully designed electronics accessories to a tech-savvy mobile generation. Since then we've developed an ever-growing range of products to protect, charge, and complement your devices. We believe that products should be beautiful as well as practical.

There's our JuiceCube, a colourful little box that will charge up a mobile phone from flat; and the SoundSquare and JuiceBar: small but powerful gadgets that will play the music stored on your phone via Bluetooth – no wires or nerdy degree in electrical engineering needed! We also offer a range of vibrant accessories to charge, protect and connect pretty much any type of device you care to name. We are constantly working on new and exciting products and brands to expand our choice of high quality electronic accessories.

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Producing great products that don't cost the earth

Like you, here at Gusto H.Q. we care about the environment and we want to be an ethical company in any way we can. We are against animal testing, we promise that we'll never to try to get a rabbit to charge a mobile phone with one of our products. So this means all of our merchandise has been tested by us! We've carried them around, brought them to work, and taken them with us on holiday, to ensure you'll love these products as much as we do. If we weren't happy and confident with our products then we wouldn't be asking you to be either.

While many of our products come in several bright colours, they're all green. We're dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment, and ethical business practice. Our products are made in responsibly managed factories, and brought in by sea rather than airfreight. While this takes much longer to deliver to our warehouses it produces around ten times less CO2 than a flight would.

We're proud of our exciting product range here at Gusto, and we're sure that we've got something that you will love. We believe that technology should be simple without compromising on function, affordable but still ensuring high quality, and still offer plenty of choice whilst looking great, and offering items that are individual and stand out from the crowd.

Registered office address

Gusto Telecom Solutions Limited
10 Haslemere Way
OX16 5RW
Registered in England
Company registration number 07985144
VAT no.1333638908