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Magnetic Power Bank Market

The Juice MagTec 2 offers the latest charging technology & ample capacity in a remarkably compact package! The MagTec ring array is compatible with MagSafe on iPhone 12 to iPhone 15 models and beyond. The MagTec 2 locks itself to the phone via their perfectly aligned magnetic rings, allowing you to charge wirelessly at optimal speed.

There is more to this Power Bank though! You can also charge a second phone (any phone that uses USB-C or Lightning, with a fast charge cable) from the 20W Fast Charging USB-C port – even while you charge your iPhone Wirelessly.

Charge 2 Devices at Once

Charge your iPad & iPhone simultaneously with the MagTec 2 charge power bank

Not only can you charge your iPhone via the MagTec ring, charge your other devices simultaneously via the USB-C output port.

Charge Your MagSafe iPhone Wirelessly

Charges MagSafe compatible iPhones

Enjoy the freedom of magnetic wireless charge at an amazingly unintrusive size, Boosting your juice by 2 full charges while you’re on the go!

2 Full Charges for an iPhone

5,000mAh gives you 2 full phone charges

5,000mAh capacity gives you 2 full charges of your iPhone.

20W Fast Charge via USB-C

Fast charge via 20W USB-C port

Charge your devices super fast with 20W USB-C output.


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