Here at Juice, we’ve created a huge range of the bestselling power banks on the market. There’s the ultra portable Juice 1, a portable charger weighing under 100 grams. Then there’s the mighty Juice 5, which when full, can charge a modern smartphone a colossal 5 times. Experience the convenience of cable free charging with the Wireless Weekender or enjoy some vibrance with the wide range of Squash and Pebble colourways that are available right here today!

The ultimate batteries at the heart of Juice Powerbanks, are also used for the Juice audio range. We’ve created an amazing range of portable Bluetooth® speakers, ideal for home audio or the great outdoors. From the amazing Juice® Sound Stand capable of creating a beautifully rich wall of bass-heavy sound wherever you go; or the compact but punchy Juice® Sound Square with its eight-hour battery life and tiny price tag it’s perfect gift for yourself or friend. Here are some of our top selling portable Bluetooth® speakers.

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