Sustainability and Wellness…it’s the Juice way!

The stats are in and we’re unbelievably proud to announce a new sustainability milestone for Juice! In 2023 alone we saved 109 TONNES of plastic from ending up in our oceans, landfills, and wilderness! In the 3 years since we launched the ‘Juice Made Mindfully’ campaign, which saw the removal of all single-use plastic from our packaging and products, we have saved a grand total of 261 TONNES of plastic.

Obviously, sustainability is at the core of Juice, but we also pride ourselves on our dedication to the wellness of our staff. In 2022, through the passions of our CEO & Founder, Jolyon Bennett, we introduced free yoga classes for all employees, something which has continued to be a huge success at Juice HQ. One colleague commented, “Not only are the yoga classes great for relation-building and team moral but it also allows for frequent decompression of the stresses of work and everyday life. I feel incredibly grateful to work somewhere that prioritises its employee’s health in this way”.

Entering 2024 we have expanded our wellness efforts by introducing a monthly ‘Cultural Friday’ where we invite an expert speaker to discuss important topics selected by staff, such as health, fitness, religion, culture, and wellbeing. Lunch is provided and to further our wellness initiative, plant-based, nutrient dense meals (sourced from local food vendors) are all that’s on the menu.

That’s not all though, as we settle into the year, we’re keen to continue our focus on the important of movement during the work week which is why we will be introducing additional exercises classes to our weekly schedule. Trials for classes such as HITT, Martial Arts, Boxercise and more are currently underway, and we will shortly be selecting one to add on a permeant basis. 

When discussing Juice’s 2024 prerogative, our CEO & Founder, Jolyon Bennett commented: “Last year was our most accomplished year to date – not only did we introduce a number of amazing products to market, retaining our position as market leader in the UK for the third year in a row, but we really saw our ongoing sustainability efforts come to fruition – with the latest statistics to prove it!

“Everything we do here at Juice is for the consumer – but this wouldn’t be possible without our incredible, hardworking team. I strongly believe that for employees to stay motivated, they should feel good both mentally and physically, and this is something that all businesses should take the time and effort to promote and instil.

“Our free yoga sessions have been well received since they were first introduced, so it just made sense to build on this and offer even more opportunities to make my staff feel good. The activities and events included in our Flourish initiative were chosen by them first-hand – so I listened! We look forward to rolling these out and seeing how much of a difference they make to life at Juice.”