Earth Day 2022 – Show the Planet some love! Act, Innovate & Implement.

With Earth Day 2022 on the horizon (22nd April), and this year’s theme being ‘Invest in our planet’, we’d like to tell you about an ongoing sustainability initiative we're currently working on for 2022...


Back in July 2020, we became the first mobile phone accessories manufacturer in the UK to remove all single-use plastic from our packaging. Now, we are going one step further and removing all ‘virgin’ plastic from every single one of our products – a true industry first. To date, other brands have dabbled in this but none have introduced it across their entire range.

  • The products are not ‘new’ – they are the same Juice products but manufactured using recycled post-consumer waste plastic collected from beaches and landfill sites in a bid to make them as eco-friendly as possible
  • The products will look, feel and perform the same – and there will be no compromise on quality or cost for the consumer.


Our CEO, Jolyon Bennett, lives his life by this year’s Earth Day mantra: Act (boldly), innovate (broadly) and implement (equitably) and believes we should all be ‘doing the right thing’ to be kinder to planet Earth.

“Although we are extremely proud of our 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, we recognise we need to do more. There are over 30 billion tonnes of plastic in our oceans and landfill sites – and we want to use it. Why continue depleting the world’s natural resources to generate more virgin plastic when so much of this material already exists?”


As part of the ‘Juice Made Mindfully’ campaign, we have also...

  • Shrunk our overall packaging across our entire range, using 1,514km less material each year (the distance from Juice HQ in Banbury to Barcelona!)
  • Removed all foil and any pouches/travel bags from our Power Banks, Mains Chargers and speakers, saving 5.78 tonnes of material each year.
  • Introduced a new cable made from TPE, an eco-friendly non-toxic substance that decomposes in landfill (unlike PVC) and emits a lower carbon footprint.
  • To date we have removed 52 tonnes of virgin plastic from our supply chain. That’s the equivalent of 6 T-Rex’s!
  • In 2022 we will be removing a further 85 tonnes of plastic from our supply chain!


Earth Day is ‘not just a day, it’s a movement’, and we are so proud to be a part of it. Watch this space – keep an eye on the blog to see what we’re doing to End Plastic Pollution and to find out which of our product lines will be the first to ‘re-launch’ in eco-friendly materials!