Juice 10W Duo Wireless Charging Pad

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Introducing the Juice DuoPad Wireless Charger. A 5W + 5W Wireless Pad that is purpose built to charge your Smart Phone and Headphones at the same time! Simply place your devices onto the DuoPad and walk away.

Who wants to be fighting with cables anymore? The 10W Duo Pad is ideal for a desk or kitchen worktop – the ultimate pick up and put down areas.

In order to use the Juice DuoPad you will also need a Micro USB cable and mains adaptor. At Juice we decided to limit the amount the product waste, so we included a small micro USB cable. We are sure you may already have a longer Micro USB cable and wall charger at home. 


  • 5 + 5 Watt Wireless Charging Pad
  • White LEDs shows the pad is connected to a power source, and the green LED indicates your device is charging.
  • Micro USB Input
  • Charges through cases 3mm thick.


  • Input: DC5V/3A
  • Output: DC5V/2A (10w Max)

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