Juice Social 'For Reels' Flexi Tri-Pod with Wireless Remote


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Get the impossible angle with the Juice Social 'For Reels' Flexi-Tripod. With three bendable aluminium legs, you can fasten, wrap and hook your Tripod to just about anything; whilst still achieving crisp, high quality photos and videos from a unique perspective.

The perfect shot is made even easier with the Smart Phone compatible Wireless Remote (included), with a range of up to 10 metres. 

Apart from the obvious uses like steady Photography, the 'For Reels' Flexi-Tripod is ideal for Video Calling, Vlogging, Time Lapse Videos, Tik Tok / Reels and numerous other uses we can't even think of, we know you guys will get creative!


  • 3 Bendable Aluminium Legs with Foam Covering
  • Adjustable Device Holder, fits up to 5.5" (13.9cm) in Width – up to an iPad Mini.
  • Wireless Remote (10m Range)
  • 360° Rotation

Dimensions W x D x H (cm):

  • 3.5 x 3.5 x 18

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