Weโ€™ve changed our packaging to be kinder to our planet!๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’›๐ŸŒโ  โ 

We are SO PROUD to be leading the way in mobile accessories by removing ALL single use plastic from our packaging and making it all completely home recyclable. Lets find ways of using the mountains of plastic out there and stop making anymore.ย Together we can change everything!

We have been working hard on our project to remove all single use plastic from our packaging, its an industry first!
From Summer 2020 our packaging will be changing over to a new plastic made entirely from post consumer waste (recycled plastic) contributing to a circular economy

We feel as though consumers are opting more and more to shop from greener businesses, because of this, it is essential that we are able to adapt our product offerings and price points to ensure they are minimising any negative impact on the planet, whilst keeping prices realistic and affordable for our wonderful customers.

Our new packaging comes at no extra cost to our planet or your pocket,

Earlier this year, we took home Best Accessories Manufacturer at the Mobile News Awards,ย also released a range of fully compostable phone cases made from wheat, corn and starch.
We also sold more Apple lightning cables in the first month of 2020 than Apple did!

Despite all of the doom & gloom 2020 has graced us with, we are strong and we are looking forward to continue our ongoing growth and our mission to be kinder to the planet

In todayโ€™s climate, itโ€™s super important to do everything we can to become more sustainable and thatโ€™s no different for juice. So, weโ€™re really excited to launch our 100% recyclable packaging.