No Plug with the Apple iPhone 12 Mobile Phone

Wait, What! No Plug? – Thats exactly what we thought when Apple launched the iPhone 12 without a charger; so we designed a specific fast charging plug that was capable of delivering the charge you need at speed.

Most consumers were surprised when they opened their iPhone 12 box to find ... well, more what they didn't find. No earbuds and no charging plug. Just a solitary USB-C to Lightning charging cable, which isn't massively useful unless you are a serial iPhone purchaser and already have the Fast Charge Plug that was supplied with iPhone 11 models. So what do you do now?

Whilst many customers have been left raging – I mean who wouldn't be, you've just spent the best part of £1000 on a new smartphone and you don't have the optimal charger for your phone.

I think all of us can appreciate Apple's sentiment behind this move, even just looking at the environmental impact of our smartphone purchases, around 1.5Billion smart phones were sold in 2019 with roughly 300,000 tonnes of waste from accessories alone – you can see why they ditched the extra plastic, and lets hope the decision was based on the environment, not just monetary savings!

So with Apple leaving many consumers with the old 'Triangle' Plug (which as we know, won't fast charge any of iPhone 12 models) – thats where Juice stepped in. We designed the 20W USB-C Fast Charge Plug with the iPhone 12 in mind, delivering the exact charge you need. With the USB-C output, its a universal charger that covers a variety of different manufactures and devices, all the way down to a Play Station 5 controller!

To give you a rough idea of speed, a standard iPhone charger would deliver a 50% charge in over an hour, with Juice's 20 Watt plug hitting the 50% mark in just 30minutes. No need to stress if you forgot to charge your phone overnight! 

With a slim design, extra grip around the plug to save you a fight with the wall, plus a handy travel pouch – this is the plug you need to fast charge the latest iPhone models.